Caring for You

Raben Dentistry is pleased to share comments about our care from patients. We are committed to personal, precision dental care, and invite you to visit us.

Friendly Staff

"Dr. Raben's staff is really friendly. They know me when I walk in and I know them all. They explain everything. It's obvious they are a team, they care about you, and they're happy — and you don't see that in a lot of places."

Broken Tooth & Implant

"I didn't know a tooth could break! After the oral surgeon took care of the broken tooth, he talked to me about the possibility of an implant, and recommended an evaluation from a new dentist. I chose Dr. Raben, who worked closely with the surgeon. I learned so much! Dr. Raben is very good at sitting down and talking to you, showing you pictures, educating people about what they're going to do. I'm amazed with the new teeth. When you're doing something that serious, you really want an expert doing the work."

Smile Makeover

"I sort of complained a long time about crooked teeth, so Dr. Raben referred me to a great orthodontist — I would never have heard about wearing braces on the back side of my teeth! Dr. Raben has also talked to me about veneers, impressions and moldings. She and her staff are on the cutting edge of things people may not be aware of. And I know they look out for my best interests."

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