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Caring for Your Teeth

The care of your mouth is a team effort. We would love to help your teeth and gums stay healthy throughout your life by giving you the proper tools and techniques to take care of them.

Steps for Caring for Your Teeth

  • A minimum of twice daily brushing for at least two minutes
  • Interproximal (in between) cleaning daily
  • Regular Dental Care
  • Diet 


We recommend that everyone brush for a minimum of two minutes, twice daily. It is important that all of the surfaces of the tooth are cleaned. This typically means that more time will be required. The use of an electric/rechargeable toothbrush is also helpful in accessing hard to reach areas and making sure that you are brushing for a minimum amount of time.

Interproximal Cleaning

There are several ways to access the areas between your teeth. Most people are familiar with the idea of flossing, but not necessarily comfortable with completing the task. We understand that it can be awkward for some and that it may not be the best option for others. This is an area that needs to be addressed and we can help find a way for you to be successful in cleaning this area on a daily basis.

Regular Dental Care

Most insurance companies will allow for a dental prophylaxis (cleaning) every six months. This "recommendation" is not necessarily the best treatment. Some people will require more frequent visits for a variety of reasons. We can discuss with you what is best for you after an evaluation, something your insurance won't do.


What you eat has a large affect on your teeth. Foods and beverages high in sugar and acid content will cause more breakdown of your teeth. We recommended minimizing exposure time of sugar as much as possible. A snacking or grazing behavior can cause serious damage to your teeth. Sipping on beverages that contain sugars or carbonation will also damage teeth.

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