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Our Philosophy

The mission of Raben Dentistry is to provide high quality dental care to each and every one of our patients in the most comfortable, safe, and compassionate environment possible without incurring unnecessary costs.

We're Committed to Providing Expert Dental Care

  • Improve the quality of life for our patients and community
  • Dedicate ourselves to community health and other philanthropic efforts

We Provide Friendly, Personal Care

  • Take time to understand others' lives, challenges and dreams
  • Be adaptable and flexible, ready to expect the unexpected
  • Foster genuine, caring relationships with patients

We Bring Creativity to Our Craft

  • Embrace medical and therapeutic advances for innovation in dental care
  • Maintain a positive attitude to patients and practice being solution oriented

We Practice the Highest Level of Integrity

  • Do everything within our power to create good outcomes for patients
  • Be authentic and practical
  • Earn the trust of our patients through honesty
8100 E 22nd St N, Bldg 100, Ste 1 Wichita, KS 67226